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SpyBot 1.5 - Clean and protect your computer from Spyware

Spybot Remove Spyware

Spybot - Search & Destroy can detect and remove spyware of different kinds from your computer. Spyware is a relatively new kind of threat that common anti-virus applications do not yet cover.

If you see new toolbars in your Internet Explorer that you didn't intentionally install, if your browser crashes, or if you browser start page has changed without your knowing, you most probably have spyware.

This latest version of Spybot is better than ever and caters much better for Windows Vista users. With these updates Spybot moves back up to the top of my spyware tools.

But even if you don't see anything, you may be infected, because more and more spyware is emerging that is silently tracking your surfing behavior to create a marketing profile of you that will be sold to advertisement companies. Spybot-S&D is free, so there's no harm in trying to see if something snooped into your computer, too :)

If you want an introduction how Spybot-S&D works, please read the tutorial on the spybot web site .

Spybot is a two step process. First you can immunize your computer to prevent Spyware from getting in. However this does not replace a good Antivirus and firewall. Secondly you can scan and remove spyware from your system. I would normally install Spybot to immunize and clean a system and then install the Microsoft Anti spyware beta to keep the system clean.

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