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  Welcome to Startfrom Games  

Start-games contains a mix of free games to suit all age groups. From very basic fun games to start off younger kids through to tough brain busters for parents. Before a game gets in to our arcade it must be enjoyable and genuinely playable. Quality over Quantity. To start playing, select one of the newer games below or choose from a games categories above. All games are free, fun and suitable for the whole family.



Game of the Week

Tardis game- Dr Who

Dr Who Tardis Game

Can you collect enough energy to get the tardis back to Cardiff?

Latest Additions





A fantastic science education game, which really is fun. Use your science skill to get the ball to the end.

Star Shine

Star Shine

Shoot your star into the other star which in turn shoot in to the others etc. Your aim is to hit all stars on the level to move on.



make Up girls game Make Up Girls

Test out your make up skill on these models. add lipstick, lip gloss, eye liner, blusher etc. You can choose your colours, hairstyles and a few accessories. Great fun for girls of all ages.

Dress up girl

Dress Up!

One for the young ladies! Dress up the pretty girl ready for the ball. Choose a dress, hair, shoes, and accessories.