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Brain Games

Games which make you think. A selection of games to get you thinking! Exercise your brain and have fun at the same time.

crossword hangman


A cross between crosswords and hangman.

Blocky Game


Just select a square where the corner have the same colour!

Who want to be  a millionaire

Who wants to be a Millionaire

Well we all do, but theres no chance of winning anything on this version.

Plus Minus


Score more than your opponent but choose your markers carefully as each choice effects the next few moves.



Grow your own virus. Take over all pieces to win and move on to the next level. How fast can you grow yours?

Pipe Mania

Pipe Mania

A classic game which is still fun. Build your pipe with the bits provided (Space will spin them around) before the time runs out. The longer your pipe and the quicker you build it the more points you make.


Japanese River

Japanese River

Can you get them all across the river? Apparently used as an IQ test during interviews in Japan! So if your going for a Japanese interview get practicing.




Place your marker where it can covert lower value opponents markers or secure your own. Easy but fun.

The Tower

Tower Blaster

Build your tower before your opponents and then blast theirs down. A simple maths organising game. Also a good kids game.

Know your world

Know Your World

The best geography game I've come across.



A fantastic science education game, which really is fun. Use your science skill to get the ball to the end.

So Bricks

So Bricks

A nice level game which seems to be a combination of break out, tetris and the teletubbies.



Join the dots. Thats it, simple? But then you're against the clock, oh and they're not always in order.


Weird, but good fun. Every levels a puzzle. You just need to do things in the correct order.


Unless you live under a rock you'll know about Soduko. You either love it or hate it but its definitely the brain game.

The Cave

An adventure underground. Find your way out of the cave. A bit like the old adventure games. Find objects and keep exploring.


A logic game where you need to burst the bubbles. Gain extra points for knock on effects.