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Platform Games

Platform games are a game genre characterized by jumping to and from suspended platforms, and indeed to be able to fall from or miss platforms as well.
These are really the only defining characteristics as there are exceptions to to any other suggested criteria. It has been suggested that platformers must have a jump button, and indeed nearly all of them do. Many more platform games to come.

Super Mario 2

Super Mario 2 Adventure

Another good Mario adventure.

Jungle Dave

Jungle Dave Platform Game

Very basic platform game no doubt inspired by the Mario Bros games. Just use the arrow keys to control Dave and space to jump. Get Dave to his tree house at the top of the level to move on. Just jump through the gaps to reach the top.


Original Sonic the Hedgehog

What can I say. Run around collecting the rings and avoid the other animals and drops. Play as Sonic or Tails.


Sonic Shadow

Sonic Shadow

A mini version of the new Sonic the hedgehog game. Much darker than the original you now you have a gun and attitude.

Shadow suffers from amnesia and must find out if he is here to save the world or do the evil bidding of the dark side.