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Games requiring a little skill - Do you have what it takes?
Click Maze

Click Maze

Move the red dot around the maze. Stay in the blue and get your small red dot to the big red dot to move on.

Sheep Sleeper

Sleeping Sheep Reaction Test

How fast are your reactions? Shoot the sheep before they escape.



Totally addictive but very simple. Collect the black squres, avoid the red ones.

Keep Moving

Keep Moving

A very simple but addictive java game I was sent in an email. Just keep the red block safe from the blue ones.

Just try to last more than 15 seconds.

Water Drops

Water Drops

Use the arrows keys to skillfully collect together the water drops around the sink. Once you've formed a large drop you can send it down into the sink. More drops in faster time means more points.


Mansion Impossible

Buy and Sell houses until you can afford the mansion. Be a property tycoon!

right person

Save Ben and Jerry's Ice cream factory

There is an emergency at the Ben & Jerry's factory! Help our intrepid hippies pass the tubs of ice cream along the conveyor belt


Space Marbles

Spin the board around and let gravity move the marbles. You must get the correct colour to the correct holder. But once a marble locked in its holder other marbles can't get passed so plan your order. When the red bar gets right round your are out of time, life lost.


Bullseye Darts

Use your skill to time the throwing of the darts. A tricky game which needs some practice.



Spin the red paddles around to keep the ball within the sphere.

A new take on the breakout theme.


Penguin Bash

How far can you bash the penguin?



A promotional game for the Ice Age films. You must catch the acorns and throw them into the net.

PPPP-Darts Ice Jump
PACMAN squares


Make squares to win pieces, but just like Pacman avoid the ghosts. Fun alternative to the original PACMAN game.

Throw Paper skill game

Throw Paper

The ever popular office game of throwing paper into the bin.

Simple but fun!



A cross between marbles and billiards. great fun

Star Shine

Star Shine

Shoot your star into the other star which in turn shoot in to the others etc. Your aim is to hit all stars on the level to move on. The relaxing music make this a great game just before bed!