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Sports Games




This is a great game of back yard baseball. Nothing too complicated, no fancy rules, just swing and hit that baseball. use your mouse to aim your bat and click to swing. Easy but takes a bit of practice to get a good score.

Speed Pool


I've been looking for a good pool game for a long time and this is one of the best. It's not the traditional game but it's still lots of fun. You must pot all the balls to move on, but each ball has a time limit.

Mini Golf

Mini Golf

Play 18 hole pitch and putt mini golf.



A good game of skill as you try to outmaneuver your opponent in this classic winter sport.



A really playable tennis game. I haven't played a tennis game on computer since pong, but this is a really good effort. So simple but with some great game play. Excellent!

Curve Ball Game

Curve Ball

Perhaps a skill game more than sport, but it's a bit like tennis? Bat the ball back to the computer opponent but if you hit the ball while moving you will introduce a curve or spin. You need to get a good curve to fool the computer opponent. As the levels progress the amount of curve and speed increase.

Head On! Keppy Uppy

Head On!

Keepy uppy!

Keep the header going but inside the circle. A very simple in theory but takes some skill to master,



A basic but addictive game. Simply snowboard down the mountain as fast as you can. Use your arrow keys to turn between the trees but avoid the rocks.

Press the space bar to crouch and release to jump. Whilst in the air use the arrow keys to perform tricks and earn time bonuses.