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Jetpac is a remake of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum classic and brings back some great memories from my childhood, although I still can't get very far.

Instructions : Left/Right : User your left/right arrows. To fire your jetpac press up. Fire your laser with the Spacebar. First build your rocket by colleting the parts and then refuel before jumping in and taking off to the next level. Collect gems for extra points!



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Jetpac is a ZX Spectrum video game developed and released by Ultimate Play The Game in 1983. The game is the first in the Jetman series, and was the company's very first release. In the game, Jetman has to first assemble his rocket (which comes in kit form), and then fill it with fuel before taking off to the next planet (where the procedure is broadly repeated). Along the way Jetman has to fend off the attention of intelligent (and not-so-intelligent) aliens, while making off with their valuable resources. The game was written by Chris Stamper with graphics by Tim Stamper. Jetpac (a 16KB game) was followed by a sequel, Lunar Jetman (requiring the higher specification 48KB Spectrum), that considerably expanded the gameplay and included a lunar rover players could drive, teleport stations and a host of new aliens to defeat. In 1999, Jetpac was introduced to a new generation as Rareware included it in Donkey Kong 64. It could be unlocked to play in Cranky Kong's lab, and if players successfully got 5000 points, they would be rewarded the game's Rareware Coin. After taking pictures of 6 Banana Fairies, the player would be able to play it and Donkey Kong any time they wish by going to the mystery menu of the main menu.