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Search the internet

Searching the Internet

Searching the internet is easier than ever, but there are still a few tips which will help you find what you want.
The quickest and easiest way is just to type a few key words into the search box at the top of every page on Startfrom. For example if you were looking for information on Fly Fishing, just type that into the Google box and click on Search


Choosing the right words
Choosing the right key words makes all the difference. If you wanted information on Fly Fishing, make sure you enter Fly Fishing and not just fishing. You might even want to cut things down further by specifying Fly Fishing Salmon, or fly fishing holidays. Add as many key words as you want, if you get no results take a few away.
Google doesn't care about the case of the query so H and h work just the same. Most search engines will also ignore and common words like and, or, I

Search by Phrase
Sometime a phrase search is more appropriate. If you were searching for information on a film, book or song, entering the title as a phrase may be your best bet. To do this simply place quotation marks around your query. For example, “Gorillas in the mist”
This can be improved further by adding key words after the phrase for example, “Gorillas in the mist” Film


Ignoring Words
Sometimes you need to remove some results because they are based on a different subject. For example, if you were searching for information on the English City of york you may find that a lot of results are relating to New York. To cut these out you could add a negative to you r search. Just place a minus “-“ and then the term or phrase you want removed.
For example, York –“New York”

Try an Encyclopedia
Sometimes a search of the internet is not really needed. If you just want quick information on a single topic why not try an online encyclopedia like

More Help:

Google also have an advance search facility,

You could also try another search engine like MSN (

As an alternative you could also try a Answers Search engine like Brain Boost