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Great sites which don't fit in a nice category. Also used for seasonal sites. Have a nose and if there's something you think should be here drop us a line at


bluffr blufr
Blufr is a new trivia-type game that hopefully gets people of all ages addicted to learning obscure facts. There's no evil agenda. Just play and keep playing. Each bluf shows the percentage of people who were fooled by it.

Flickr is the top site for sharing and exlporing photos. If you want to share photos securely with just your grandmother or the whole world you can do it here. However, for me I just love to explore some truly amazing photos.


Flickr  explore and share photos
Breathing Earth Simulation Breathing Earth
Watch the earth breath, see births and deaths in real time and monitor world pollution levels. An interesting simulation site.

43 Things
A great site where you can set your goals and comment on others. If you want some motivation to get your live in order. This is a good place to start.


43 Things


Send a message in a bottle and watch the ocean scene to see if one goes floating past. If one does then grab it and have a read. If its good add to it or send it on or if its rubbish just discard.

Pandora - Your online DJ

Pandora's a really great site if you're into music. Just suggest a couple of songs or artists you like and Pandora will stream similar music all day long. You can also say whether you like or dislike a song to improve the choices.



Dish the dirt on your mate and generate a personalised message. Great new viral for the new mini cooper.