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Our website of the day page (or more likely website of the every other day) is all about quick links to sites which we think are fun, interesting and definitely worth a browse. They will always offer something a little different, hopefully interesting but they won't always be big mainstream companies or sites which necessarily deserve lots of repeat visits. Have a browse and see which sites you like.

If you'd like to recommend a site for site of the day, see the contact us page and drop us an email.

What happens when you stop smoking?: timeline for health improvements after quiting.
Dr Who Trailer maker: Great for Dr Who fans but also great for computer beginners to learn the very basics of video editing. You use a video editing board to create your own Dr Who trailer. Easy and quick results.
Geekologie: a blog dedicated to all things geek, but theres some pretty cool stuff there too. Check out the robotic dog.
DNA11: buy artwork created from your own DNA.
Mp3gle: Another site using the power of Google to find music to listen and download, but quite a good one.
March 2008
MOSH: Download, ringtones and other content for your mobile phone.
David: A very short film showing what young David's favorite day is.
5 Lucky people: videos of 5 very lucky people just escaping a nasty accident.
Jonathan Cainer: Find out your friends with this fun Astrology / Horoscope breakdown of their traits.
13 time-lapse wonders: A series of time lapse videos.
Photography School: Digital cameras mean it costs nothing to practice so it's worth learning more about the art. The photography school have some great articles to help you get more from your camera.

December 2007

Top 10 Scientific Discoveries 2007: the top 10 scientific discoveries that rocked Wired world the hardest this year.
Pimp My Sleigh: It's time to pimp up Santa's sleigh ready for Christmas. A little game where after doing up the sleigh you can race.
The Joy of Baking: An American website dedicated to those with a sweet tooth and a mixer. Loads of really tasty recipes, well laid out with some nice photos which are sure to get you in the mood for some Christmas baking.
Latin Band: Get musical and create your own rhythm. Click on the characters to get them playing.
Camping in Style: If Carlsberg made camper vans.....
Light Transmitting Concrete: Translucent concrete with some amazing uses. I'm not sure where I'd use it but it's definitely something we'll see more of.
October 2007
Facebook Privacy: An article from the Telegraph with some good advice for Facebook (or similar) users.
Dylan Video message: To promote his new album release you can now send a cool video message in the style of his classic Subterranean Homesick Blues video.
Musicovery: we've seen this one before but it's too good to ignore for long. Choose your mood and it will play songs to suit. A hugh back catalogue and lots of stuff you won't know.
1000 Islands: Fancy a nice holiday home by the water?
Google Moon: We've linked to this before but Google have made some big updates which are quite cool.

September 2007

High-Rise: Something a bit different, this short animated film by Bruno Bozzetto is about life in a high rise. Makes no sense but that's OK.
FlickrRiver: The most interesting photos on flickr by day. Move back to past days and see the best or most interesting photos. Some great shots!
Nikon Universcale: See the universe and things we know in scale. Click on items in the scale for more information.
Beats of Boredom: just a clever bit of video editing.
DNAStream.TV: Watch and rate TV online. The site shows content based on your ratings of previous videos. A good interface similar to Joost.
That's Not Safe: A collection of health and safety nightmares!
Tafiti: A new style search engine which shows the power of Silverlight. Cool stuff although it still needs a bit of finishing.
Silverlight: OK this ones for geek's but it's pretty cool stuff. SilverLight is the big new thing for fancy websites. A bit like flash but easier for developers. Have a look at the first batch of silver light web sites on this Microsoft demo page. You will need to install SilverLight the first time you view one of the pages.
August 2007
The Rugby World Cup: Rugby's biggest tournament kicks off in a few days time. Get all the latest news, statistics, results and team profiles.
Trivop: The first videoguide for hotels. It needs a lot more hotels to sign up but is still worth a look.
301 Useless Facts: 301 great snipits of information such as, giraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels.
AntonyMorris- Building Contractor: A shameful and blatant plug for another site I've just put together.
AnyWhere.FM: Why not take your iTunes with you. Great website for sharing and storing your music. (even if you don't use iTunes)
Trivia Challenge: Online general knowledge quiz by the High IQ society. Can you get on the scoreboard.
Martin Lewis: the websites name says it all. Loads of tips for saving money
House to Home: Inspiration and advice on doing up your home. All rooms and the garden catered for separately. You can even create your own plans.
July 2007
Blingee: Create cool pictures! Add Glitter, Graphics, and Comments to personalize your images, then share the Blingees with your friends! It?s all Free!
Arrow of Time: One family and a photo every year.
HowThingsWork: If you like your science, you'll love these questions. A very clever guy explaining how things work.
Mind Control: Now we can control computers and robots by thought alone. Video showing a demo of the new technology.
DayofBirth: What day were you born on, and what was going on?
Colour Me: What does your choice of colour tell about your personality. Take this quiz and find your colour personality!
I can't believe I can read this. An old one but not everyone's seen it.
ReadPrint: Ever wanted to read '1984', or 'A Christmas Carol' but never got around to it. This site has lots of great titles ready to read online.
20Q: This electronic game guesses the object your thinking about, and is amazing. Now you can play it online.
Formula1: The F1 Racing will be at Silverstone this weekend, why not catch up on the latest news.
June 2007
Wimbledon: All the latest Tennis news and results from Wimbledon.
WeatherBonk.Com: This one was recommend by Miles Mendoza's website of the Day. Get a 7 Day weather forecast and local webcams. Good site, wierd name. Good value online car insurance. With no call centres and no postage of documents (you print them out). Swiftcover backed by AXA are well worth looking at for insurances. They've just saved me £200 on my renewal quote.
Fancy a new motor: Autotrader is the number one site for buying a used car, however, is giving it a bit of competion, and worth a browse. Whilst not as well designed, but better for unusual cars is also worth a look. A simple site that lets you see the cheapest petrol stations in your area. Unfortunatly, you have to register to use the site but if you want to save a few pounds its worth it.
May 2007
Isle of Man TT: All the latest news from the TT.
Multi Touch: The new computer interface being developed by Microsoft. A first look at the future.
Lego: A fantastic website from Lego designed for children. Lots of great games and Lego information.
A training video for Microsoft UK employees featuring Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant in their roles from the BBC version of The Office
Z-Cars: Take a space frame, insert a high powered bike engine and then cover it in a mini skin. Awsome mini fun, and a well put together site.
Ant-City: An old one now but if you havn't seen it it's fun for a few minutes.
Mix-it: Mix your own music using this easy flash program. Just click the fingers or feet to switch on or off the different loops.
April 2007
Dollar Bill Origami: Folding dollar bills into something more interesting. Photo gallery of different designs.
Did you know?: A video presentation of some world and technological facts. Make you think!
BullS**t Bingo: Ever been bored in a meeting, seminar, training session or lesson. Why not try out these new bingo cards. There's different types for different meetings. Cross off the words when you hear them.
FlipBook: Make your own cartoon using the electronic version of a flipbook. Very easy to do but requires a bit of patience.
G2P: One for the more adventurous, this site offers an alternative to P2P download programs such as Limewire. If you are searching to download music this could be a safer and easier method.

The Future of Things: Online magazine detailing latest inventions and technology soon to be available. Some cool stuff is just around the corner.

Google Guide: Search Tip sheet for Google. Some good tips and examples showing how to perform advanced searches on Google.
Bread is Dangerous: Read these scary statistics
John Stone: If you're a bloke and fancy getting in shape for summer. This guys bound to give you some inspiration.
Golf Masters: Official Site for the masters Golf tournament. Keep up to date with all the latest standings
Joke2Tell: A joke website where you can vote for your funniest joke, or create a free account and add your own jokes. Do you think you're funny?

March 2007

Meet the Robinson's: One for the kids. Disney's latest film is due for release in a few days and will no doubt be a big hit. A good site with plenty of animation where you can watch the trailers, meet the characters and build up some excitement if you're taking the kids to watch it.
Imagini: Take the Photo DNA test to reveal your personality.
Jukebox: Pick a year and it'll play the top songs from the charts that year. A very basic site but it works.
Cricket365: With the Cricket World Cup in full swing pay a visit to Cricket365 for all the latest news, facts and figures.
Tesla: 0:60 in 4 seconds, 135mpg it looks good and you can buy it now. Tesla electric sportscar.
PeekVid: Watch films and TV for Free. Index to films for free viewing on the internet. The site is slow and there's lots of popup's which normally means I wouldn't recommend, but with links to all the latest films I had too.
The Journey of Mankind: In the style of a museum guided tour this website breaks down the history and migration of mankind.
February 2007
DontClickIt: An experiment into life without a mouse click, an old site now but still a new experience if you haven't tried it before.
The 8-Year Video: Living My Life Faster. A photo everyday for 8 years time lapsed into a movie.
TopGear: If you watch the program then you'll enjoy the site. Plenty of car reviews and crazy antics.
ShockGadgets: Latest news for gadget freaks. Check out the PC pen, only theory at the moment but it won't be long.
Photofit: Make your own photo-fit with this ultimate flash face program. Easy to use but I always end up looking like a criminal.
MythBusters: If you've watched this on TV you might like to see all the myths on one page.
Hubble Gallery: A gallery of images taken by the Hubble Telescope.
SneakerFreaker: Guide to lacing. I had no idea there were so many ways to tie up your trainers.
Atlas: Another Google Earth type but as a website. Very nicely done.
Scrum V: On the eve of the 2007 six nations, it's got to be Scrum V
January 2007
Red Dwarf: Watch all the shows from the classic comedy series for free online. All eight series.
Windows Vista : It's finally here. Read all about the new version of Windows.
GENI -Everyone's Related: A great idea to get your whole family building the family tree. Read further details on the how it works section.
Screen Cleaner: Get your screen cleaned. It amused me anyway.
Instructables: Fancy making something, you'll find step by step instructions for making some weird and wonderful stuff here. Blue Peter crossed with Brainiac!
User Manuals: Need a manual for your stereo or TV. You'll find it here!
200 Calories: What does 200 calories worth of different foods look like. A quick reminder to help with the New Year resolutions.
IKEA: Finally IKEA are getting ready to sell online. Their sites only for testing but you can give it a go now and see what's for sale.
Download Almost Any Song Off The Internet For Free! - Updated!
A walk in the park: Huashan Mountain, China
Earth Album: A Simple, slick Flickr mash-up that allows you to explore some of the most stunning photos in the world courtesy of Google maps and Flickr. Just click on the map!
Day Tipper: Find and share tips. If published you'll earn $3.
December 2006
100 Things: 100 things we didn't know last year
Quote Garden: Quotes about New Years Eve and resolution.
Tune Glue: Do a little music research. Search for an artist you like and see their releases, who's similar and visit their site. Very clever interface.
Need an Excuse: To many events over the festive period. This excuse generator can get you out of that dreaded party.
FREE FONTS: If you're putting together something creative then you might fancy some new fonts. Urban fonts provides loads of quality free fonts and a good interface.
National Geographic Photo the Day: A daily photo of the world around us from the Nation Geographic. Lots of other cool content and articles to browse.
The Drum Machine: Not so much a site, more a musical instrument. Click the squares to change your music. Fun for a few minutes.
Fancy Dress Dogs: Get you pooch kitted out! Why?
Coolest Christmas Lights? Extreme Xmas lights, only in America.
Truth or Fiction: Check out rumours, inspirational stories, virus warnings to see if they are TRUTH! or FICTION!
GuessTheGoogle: Can you guess which keyword was used to return the images?
The Idiot Test: Why not see if you're an idiot?

LetThemSingit: Have you got a message that would sound better in song? Leave that plastic tree in the attic and order a top quality Christmas Tree now.

November 2006
Newspapers around the world: Find local newspapers all around the world.
Ms. Dewey: Search assistant with attitude.
Living in three centuries: Fewer than 1000 people have lived to 110. Here are portraits of a few of them.
Secret Worlds: The Universe Within, the biggest zoom I've seen. Makes you feel very small!
Tom Mabe: Get your own back on Telemarketers
Webjay: Want a song? or playlist? songs collated from around the internet for you to play or download.
007 : Casino Royale, the new Bond film
Juggler : How goods your hand/mouse to eye coordination?
EarthWallpapers: A collection of wallpapers taken from Google Earth images.
Funny Pictures : Just a collection of funny photos?
SpeedTest: How fast is your broadband really? Ignore the hype test for yourself!
The Quest for the rest: A puzzle or game or just weird?
October 2006
Top 10 ghost photos: A few spooky photos
Travel Rep: True question asked of an American travel rep.
Zoho: Free Online Office App's: Are the days of buying Office software numbered?
Panoramas: View panoramic scenes with rotate functions. Very clever. Choose new scenes from the top left.
Northern Lights: Some great photos of the northern lights in Canada
Courtroom Quotations: quotations taken from official court records
Desktop Blues: It's your turn to play the blues. Pubs rated, find rated pubs in your area
Random Darwin Award: Darwin awards are given to those who die through an act of stupidity.
Create your own Pollock: Great flash website to create your own artwork. Click to change colour.
Pavement Art: This guys been around for a long time but his drawings still impress.
Google Sightseeing: A blog of interesting sites and views on Google Earth
Heatherwick Studio: Great design and architecture, and a minimalist site to show off their work.

Surname Profiler: Learn more about your last name!

Audi R8 Microsite: A super cool website for the new Audi. You'll need broadband!


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